Services & Capablity

Safety Component

Survival equipment plays a critical role in enabling Aviation personnel to perform their operational requirements and remain safe in any scenario. Our MRO provides inspection & prescribed interval servicing to the highest of aviation standards by Specialist Knowledge of Unrivalled servicing capabilities including equipment installation, certification and personnel which includes:

Scheduled Servicing: Inspections for your aviation equipment with uncompromised Quality.

Repair & Overhaul: Unique repair and overhaul services including damage repair, replacement of components.


- Floatation system
- Life raft
- Life vest
- Crew life jacket
- Passenger life jacket
- Seat Cover Fabrication

Extensive servicing and repair solutions for damaged equipment to perform at the highest of standards as safety comes first & never compromised. We take pride in being a strategically located one-stop shop for customers with safety equipment services complimented by consistently expanding component capabilities in collaboration with key OEMs and reputed vendors from all over the world.